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This is a prototype I built in early 2017, the purpose is to dig up ores (press SPACE to dig the tile in front of you), upgrade your character and explore an island.

Digging up ores takes multiple hits, which allows you to decide early if you want to keep digging the tile (if its a low-level ore, you'll get to a point where you don't want it).

Press to open the buy screen. Convert your ores down each level (Adetite > Gold > Silver > Copper > Relic) and use relics to repair your shovel and upgrade your digging ability).

Keep an eye on your shovel durability at the top left to make sure you have enough ore/relics to buy a repair!

If you enjoy this concept please leave a comment or consider supporting me through a purchase. If this has enough potential I would love to expand it to a full game with many more features.

This prototype doesn't have saving built in.
If you run out of durability and can't buy a repair, you need to re-open the game.


  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • SPACE - Dig
  • - Open buy menu

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP file to a folder and run the "SuperDigMan Prototype 1" exe.


SuperDigMan Prototype.zip 10 MB

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