A downloadable tool for Windows

ColorPal is a color picker & palette manager tool for Windows. It provides an easy interface for creating, finessing, managing, saving and loading color palettes.


String Formatter

Through the color data options, you can auto-generate simple or complex strings based on the color selected, using the RGB, HSV and HEX color components in various represented formats. This allows you to generate strings such as;

  • color: rgb(0, 0, 0.5);
  • "color": {"h": 1, "s": 0.4, "v": 0.2}
  • #f43g5h
  • rgb(255, 43, 22)

The string will automatically be updated with the appropriate values when the active color changes, and you can even have it automatically copy to your clipboard when anything changes.

Sliders & Picker

The interface features a Hue+Saturation Square and Value slider as the primary form of visual color picking. It also includes HSV & RGB sliders with 0-1 and full value ranges (0-255 for RGB, 0-360 & 0-100 for HSV).

Screen Picker

You can also pick colors directly from your desktop with the Screen Picker tool, combined with hotkeys, this is a very efficient way to pick & add colors to your palette.

Workspaces & Palette Exporting

When you save your palette, your whole workspace gets saved with it. Your custom string format, active color & palette are all saved together. This allows easy workspace customisation per-project.

You can also export your palette to a PNG image for further use.


I have a number of features and additional tools planned for future updates, and hope to release them with some regularity.

Made withUnity
Tagscolor, palette, picker, slider, workspace
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Simply download & unzip the folder and run the ColorPal.exe file.


ColorPal v1_0.zip 18 MB